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Proven ! The best solution to powder bridging

Design Background

Currently there are few, if any “Effective” Bridge Breakers/Silo Dischargers in the modern market. Most devices solve one problem but create another, e.g., Knocking/vibration might sometimes solved powder bridging but do damages the silo and often segregate the powders. Air injection requires high amount of dry compressed air and bears the risk of dust explosion in the silo, etc., thus making problem-free days a rarity.

Sirius’s Bridge Breaker/Silo Discharger can do the job for you, it has unique features designed specifically to solve powder bridging problem from all kinds of materials.

The Value-Added Patented Features

Fully constructed with stainless steel
Stainless steel is the only material adopted for long-term corrosion resistance and maintenance free application for long term durability.

Heavy Duty
The sturdy construction and blade design is suitable for all kind of powder materials, dry or wet, and custom made to fit all shapes of silos.

Extremely smooth internal surface
Mirror polishing with Ra.0.1um on all medium touching surfaces excels the highest requirements..

Electro-Polished external surface
Provides significant corrosion resistance with a long lasting shinny exterior.

ATEX Certified
Available upon request.

Retro-Fitting available
This device is easily installed on any existing silos.

Blade Torque Analysis & Section View

Dimension Table
Model BB-50 BB-65 BB-80 BB-100 BB-150 BB-200 BB-250 BB-300
A Bore (mm) 50 65 80 104 154 204 254 304
B Height (mm) 36 36 36 45 100 105 110 110
C Blade Height (mm) 120 120 150 150 370 520 670 670
D Blade angle / raised geometry custom made to fit silo geometry
Weight (kg) (incl. gear motor) 19 21 24 28 48 58 73 90

Patent Registration

Bridge Breaker
USA Patent : 8438236
EU Patent : 2407397           
ATEX Reg : Sira11XT139

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