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Design background

Most rotary valves on the market today are proficient with air sealing and pressure holding but far from being contamination proof. Scheduled cleaning is time consuming and troublesome because of the exposed supporting bearing at both ends of rotor. They are also bulky and heavy due to traditional sand casting and welding methods.

Sirius Technology’s new sanitary rotary valve’s patented revolutionary design challenges these problems with unique solutions.

The Value-Added Patented Features

High pressure holding
The sturdy structure simulated by 3D design software and the superb quality from investment casting creates the lean product that is endurable and compact.
Cantilever shaft
Allows quick and easy access to the rotor for dismantling and re-assembly for daily CIP cleaning.

Bearing protection
All bearings are protected inside the sealed compartments in the shaft and side cover.

Large radius pockets
The large radius inside the rotor pockets ensures no residue powder is left behind with every turn.

Fine adjustment on rotor position
The patented feature guarantees the practical air-lock requirement by “Set Bolt”.

Extremely smooth internal surface
Mirror polishing with Ra.0.1um on all medium touching surfaces excels the highest requirements..

Electro-Polished external surface
provides significant corrosion resistance with a shinny well formed exterior.

Section View

Dimension Table

Model SRV-100 SRV-125 SRV-150 SRV-200 SRV-250 SRV-300
A Bore size (mm) 110 130 160 210 250 300
B Width (mm) 228 254 285 343 405 483
C Length (mm) 414 462 606 706 822 902
D Height (mm) 200 250 308 342 376 450
E Dimension (mm) 180 193 250 275 290 320
Weight (kg) 28 38 81 93 110 170

Patent Registration

Sanitary Rotary Valve
USA Patent : 8537024
EU Patent : 2280203


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